Junk Removal

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too 

Are you tired of looking at all of the internet listings and reading all the ribbons and fluff?  Have you been decluttering and ended your project with a big pile of junk, trash, and debris that you just want gone?  Have you made some calls and haven't gotten an estimate because everyone wants to come and look at it first?  Do you then feel pressured to go with whatever the price because you have someone standing there, ready to load, and you just pay their high price just to get it gone?  


Don't get tricked into paying high, over the top per cubic foot or yard pricing!  We believe in giving you a fair, affordable cost, in a dollar amount you will clearly understand, based on your specific needs without all the gimmicks and games so you may plan your budget accordingly, and yes, our prices INCLUDES DISPOSAL COSTS, LABOR, LOADING, TIME, AND OF COURSE GAS!  We bring our heavy-duty driveway safe dumpster trailers on wheels, we load it up, and haul it away!  We promise to make your junk removal and hauling a smooth, easy, transition right from your first call until leaving your driveway with your unwanted junk!  Get your area decluttered today and take the stress out of your mess!

We offer super flexible plans and pricing giving you the flexibility to stay within your budget and have ways to accommodate every unique job need!

Junk Removal: Curbside

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We offer our lowest junk removal cost when your items are placed curbside, alleyway, driveway or garage!  Take advantage of our virtual payment methods and you do not have to be home for your junk removal!  This is a great option for those wanting to keep their living areas clean and sanitary!  


Junk Removal: Garage

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2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too offers discount junk removal cost when your items are placed in the garage too!  This is a great option when you are not living in an area where you can simply pile your junk outside!  Take your time purging your junk, place your items in the garage, and call us when you are ready!  This is a great way of keeping items of donatable condition clean and dry!

Junk Removal: 
Carryout Of Home

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2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too can also remove your junk from inside the home and various places on your property when it is not possible to have them curbside, alleyway, driveway, or garage!  We can handle all hauls, large or small!  You may need to have a single item removed, or a whole house full of items taken away, our friendly, professional crew are standing by ready to help you get your junk and ​unwanted items removed!   Reusable items are most certainly donated and we recycle when possible! Give us a call or text and let us know that you want to get your junk hauled today! 



Why Choose Us?

  • Quotes by text 24 hours daily, 7 days 

  • Driveway, garage hauls at discounted cost

  • In home junk and furniture removal 

  • Contactless payments and pickup

  • We recycle and donate

  • Our own program donating reusable items

  • Fully insured and legally registered 

  •  Many forms of payment accepted

  • We are 100% locally owned and operated

  •  Highest level of service at affordable cost

  • Same day and emergency service

  • Schedule an advance appointment

  • No "2-4-hour Windows" exact appointments

  • Morning, afternoon, evening, weekends

  • Easy quotes!  Just text us photos!

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Quotes By Text 


Have you ever heard the saying " A picture says a thousand words" In the junk removal

world it really does!  You can text your photos to us 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly!  It's

FAST, EASY, and you can get an immediate quote!  


By looking at your photos we can determine:


1.)  How much loading room you will need


2.)  The weight of disposal and our expenses to dispose


3.)  How long we will be loading for accurate scheduling


4.)  How many loaders needed for fast, efficient service


5.)  We can plan and come fully prepared for your job!


Text photos to us today for your quote!  

You may also email them to: 2womenwithapickuptruck@gmail.com


​Onsite estimates are available for jobs that are to large for pictures such as our whole

home, estate, and rental property cleanouts.