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2 Women With A Pickup Truck
 And Trailer Too LLC        

Cleanouts & Junk Removal 
Columbus Ohio

2 Women With A Pickup Truck

 And Trailer Too LLC

and crew 

are ready to be of 

assistance for your 

property cleanout needs!

We have multiple
 trucks and trailers
 ready to roll !
 We are ready to get your
 debris removed
 quickly and efficiently!  

When using our services for your 
clean out needs, 
we offer a free on site, 
in person estimates
 and we will create a 
flat, bulk estimate 
for your clean out needs.  
You will NOT be charged
 per cubic feet 
or per load 
for this service.
 We create a
 for your whole house 
clean out needs,
 thus giving you the

We offer super fast 
turn around times,
 and are not just 10 A.M. -4 P.M. workers 
  We work around the clock,  
whether we would need to work 
early mornings, 
and sometimes 
late into the night
 and weekends!  
We do whatever it takes 
to get your clean out done
 in the fastest 

We are available to clean out: 
 assisted living
  nursing homes
 and more!  

We can offer: 
move out 
recently deceased clean outs
 and more!

We will clean out
 any place, 
any time, 
any where!

Just let me know what you are 
needing help with!

We have a back ground in geriatrics care 
and are very sensitive to 
cleaning out your 
loved ones possessions.
We handle these items with 
special care  and reverence
 to a person recently passed
 or in transition.
We understand how over whelming
 these projects can be when you
 are left in charge of a loved ones
 belongings and estate.  
This can be an over whelming task
 but it doesn't have to be 
because we 
are here to help!

We will handle your loved ones possessions
 with reverence and respect.

Any items that are
 in re-usable condition 
are donated to a 
local charity, 
or we may opt to 
distribute items 
through our
 adopt a family program, 
putting useable items in the hands
 of someone who really needs them.  

Recyclable items will also be sorted
 after the donation process, 
so that remaining items
 can be recycled, 
and last but not least, 
remaining trash items
 are then properly hauled away 
and disposed of in the city landfill.

We have years of experience in 
the junk removal industry 
and are able to get right to the job at hand!


 you have just read 
the last sentence correctly!!  
Have you just
 inherited a house 
full of contents
and you just need all the
 contents gone?  

Do you not have time
 to do it yourself,
 or the resources
 to get the job done 
and the contents 
out quickly?  

Do you not have it in your budget 
to have a company come and 
remove all the contents?
Your inherited home
 may just qualify 
for a clean out with 
no cost to you!
If your home and contents
 look like 
the pictures below 
we may just be 
able to help you out!

The pictures below show a couple 
of snap shots of a sale 
we were able to do for a customer
using this new option!  
This house belonged to a 
forty year occupant and
 was full of decent items 
that were in great condition.  

There were:
 nick knacks
 and more!
We were paid for the job
 off of the estate sale.
  Items that did not sell
 were donated

Left over trash 
was then sorted
 for recycling 

The remaining trash
 was then hauled away
 to the city landfill !

We were able to clean out 
this home completely,
 leaving this customer 
with no out
of pocket expense!  

In order to qualify 
for this option 
the home needs 
to have lots
of gently used items 
that are sellable, 
not just donatable items. 

we do not get paid
 for our services 
using this option
 unless the items sell!

Feel free to invite us over
 for a free in home estimate
 and see how we may help!

We may be able to
 come up with a plan 
that will better suit
 your needs 
and a more
 affordable option!

Do you have a  home you 
are putting on the market
and you can not afford 
to pay out of pocket
at this time?  
Try our homeowner
financing option, 
and pay your bill
when the house has been sold!
Just ask me about it!

Multiple trucks with trailers are ready to roll !
 Crew members are ready to work!     
Call today!

2 Women With A

 pickup Truck 

and Trailer Too 


are ready to help you with your

cleanout needs 

and we have

several payment options 

to better serve you!

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2 Women With a Pickup Truck will be available to help you with trash hauling, junk removal, cleanouts, deep cleaning, painting, carpet removal, and some demo work too!