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2 Women
Good Junk 

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too sorts and processes all junk and trash loads that we pick up!  We separate any great, gently used items that could be re-used and place them in our designated donation area!  These items are place directly to a family in need at no cost to the family, and at no additional cost carried over to you!

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Donation To Charity Organizations

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too donates to various charity organizations in the area such as Habitat For Humanity, Goodwill. Salvation Army, Furniture Bank, various local free stores, pet rescues, and other local organizations!  We also have created an Adopt A Family Program to distribute still usable items directly into the hands of a person who needs them!  We take our stored donatable items in our spare time or when we have several items on hand.  Due to having a trailer load when we donate, we generally need to go to several different places to get our donatable items distributed.  Most stores do not have the space to simply unload a trailer full of goods and will turn us away.  Donations are stored and than taken to various locations of our choosing and of course in our spare time!


2 Women With A Pickup Truck and Trailer Too LLC spends a lot of time on the road and we take notice of various homeless camps in the area.  We will often donate back packs and duffle bags, blankets, towels, clothing, and other such items

 that could be used!

Adopt A family Program

While we, 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too, donate to various charity partners, it is not our first choice of donation!  While most of these places do good for our community, there are usually costs associated with getting some assistance from these places for the person in need.  For instance, a person in need can get much needed furniture items but they generally would need to pay a delivery fee or other such costs to obtain the furniture.  A person truly in need may not have two nickels to rub together, let alone a delivery fee.  They just do not have it.  A lot of these unfortunate individuals do not have any money or resources to pay so they continue living without, happy to just have a place to call home.  Unfortunately, the problem with housing is making everything much worse.


We have created our own Adopt A family Program where we place needed furniture, appliances, household goods, everything a person may need and we deliver these items directly to the person in need at absolutely no cost to the person.  


How does it work?  A family or individual contacts us, sometimes even a friend of the family.  We are told that the individual has a residence but are living sparsely and they are in dire need.  We meet with the person and find out their needs.  They are then simply adopted!  As we are out working and hauling away unwanted junk and furniture, we keep a watchful eye on the items we are taking away and separate any items our adoptee may need.  We simply drop of items as many times as necessary until our person or family in need is fully furnished!  



Our Adopt A Family Program would be our preferred method of donation.  If we do not have a person or family that we are working with at the time of the removal, we would then take the donation to one of our charity partners. We may choose to store some of the items, such as collecting bits and pieces of kitchen items, placing them in a box, and before you know it we have a whole kitchen set up to provide a needy family one dish at a time!


While this may be more work on our part, it is way of helping out our humanity.  Our program can be quite humbling and can make you really appreciate what you have! ​

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Request For Donation

While we are never guaranteed reusable items, we will try to help if we have the chance to acquire your needed items!  Please submit the form of a need request and we will be in contact if we are able to help!

Please note, this form is for persons truly in need.  Please submit only if you truly fit the criteria!  Thank You!

If you are requesting donation for a person in need, you are welcome to fill ot the contact form.

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