Have you been cleaning and organizing your home
or place of business, discovering that you have a
whole pile of junk, clutter,  trash, furniture or
unsightly, broken appliances needing to be
hauled away and you just do not know
what to do with it? 

 Maybe you have a rental property and the tenants 
have just moved out and vacated the premise,
leaving you stuck with a property in total 
disarray and full of junk? 

Are you moving in or out of a home or business and
have a huge pile of boxes, cardboard, and packaging
materials that need to be hauled off and recycled?

Have you had a recent remodeling or demolition 
project and now you are stuck with a pile of 
construction debris that needs to be hauled
away and dispose
d of?   

Is it not your desire to look at a rusty, metal,
overflowing trash dumpster sitting in your driveway
for a week or even longer, calling to schedule, calling
to have it picked up, calling to see why it
hasn't been picked up yet? 
Would you prefer not to do all of the labor loading a
dumpster by yourself or paying someone to load it?

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC
is standing by and we are ready to help! 

just one call, we can pull up, load your items
into our driveway safe dumpster, and we
are GONE
with your unwanted
junk and trash!

All you have to do is show us what items you want
to have hauled away and we will do 
the work for you!


2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too, LLC
can help you with a variety of services!   

We can help you with:

1. Hauling
2.  Junk Removal
3.  Property & Real Estate Cleanouts
4.  Interior Painting
5.  Move Out Cleaning Service
6.  Small demolition projects
7.  Yard Cleanup / Cleanout
8.  Cleanout Garage
9.  Shed Removal
10.  Carpet Removal
11.  Small Structure Removal
12.  And Much More! 

All you have to do is call or text
and we will handle the rest!


Are you experiencing a dilemma with getting a
clear, understanding hauling estimate? 

Are you tired of calling
multiple hauling companies 
to get an estimate,
getting a really vague answer 
because they want to send someone to look at it first? 

Will you then feel pressured to go with any cost
because you have a sales 
person or junk removal
specialist, standing there, ready to load you up?

Do you just
want it to be gone, done, and over so
you accept any proposed cost so you can
continue with your day?

By choosing to go this route, you will be stuck
paying any proposed cost, overpaying because
you are overwhelmed, you are exhausted, and
you are ready for your project to be over. 

What about the per cubic foot or cubic yard pricing?
What about "cost by the amount of space" it takes in
the truck?  Where is your choice after it is loaded? 
Do you want to measure your junk to get your
cubic foot pricing?  Probably not! 

Do not be overcharged by hauling companies wanting
to send a sales specialist to your home or business, 
misleading you with the cost upon arrival scheme!


Obtaining a hauling estimate has never been easier!       
To obtain a free, no obligation estimate simply text
or email pictures of your items to us!   

We will review your photos and create an
estimate based on your specific needs!     

Please send your pictures to us directly by using our
text or our email address which are:     
PHONE: (614)327-5462   
or by email:     

Please be advised that you will receive a faster
response by using the texting method!

When we provide your estimate by reviewing your
pictures, we as a small business save time and money,
and can give you a fast, money saving estimate!        

By cutting costs incured with the  "
driving to look"
method, we are able to give you a lower, honest,
up front cost, saving you time and money!
  We want to give you the lowest possible cost!     

We offer clear and easy to understand pricing!  We
do not trick or overwhelm you with cost per foot
pricing, but give you a clear dollar amount estimate
so you can plan within your budget.   

Yes! Pictures do say a thousand words!  By looking at
your pictures we can determine the time it will take to
load, allowing us to give accurate appointment
times !  We can also determine approximate disposal
costs that we include in your estimate,  and can also
 plan the space needed in our trailer to
load your items!      


With the changing of the times and
the expansion of electronic devices,
we are proud to announce
our new method of
estimating with a virtual meeting!       

We are offering virtual estimates
and are able to provide an in
person virtual estimate using:     

Simply show us your items that you need
hauled away and we will work up an estimate!   
Simply text to schedule your virtual estimate!


We know that your time is valuable
and your schedule can be quite hetic!   

2 Women with A Pickup Truck And Trailer
Too, LLC is here to help and can pick up your
items from your driveway, garage,
or curbside!   

You do not even need to be home for your pickup!   

Simply place your items in the driveway,
curbside, or in a safe place where we
can pull up to it to load.       

We will load your items, and forward to you
pictures of your completed load along with our
online payment link!     

Simply pay using our secure payment link
after your items have been loaded,
and we are gone with your junk!     

We do not need your card information
to be on file.  Your information is kept private
and will only be seen between you and the
credit card company! 

It's just that easy!

By taking advantage of curbside, garage,  or driveway
hauling, we will save time and labor,
thus saving you money!     

By having your junk removed from curbside,
garage, or your driveway, you will not have
strangers wandering around inside of your
home  keeping your home safe,
clean, and sanitary!   


We understand that some circumstances 
do not allow for curbside, garage or
driveway hauling. 

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too, LLC
can still be available to help you!   

We can remove your items from 
anywhere on the property and
within the home!  Simply direct
us to your items to be removed
and we will roll up our sleeves
and get to work! 


2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too, LLC
strongly believes in doing our part as an eco
freindly business! 

All of our hauling loads are
first removed from the property
quickly and effiently.  After leaving
with your junk, each load  is then
processed to determine if any
of your items can be re-purposed,
donated or recycled.   

Reusable construction materials and
household materials can also
be re-purposed!   

Your once loved,  but no longer needed
household junk, furniture, and
appliances can be
donated or re-purposed!

We may donate your items to one
of the Columbus area local charities,
or we may choose to donate your items
through our very own Adopt A Family
Program where we can put your
no longer wanted junk and furniture
directly into the hands of a needy
family who could use them!  There is
absolutely no charge
to that family!

Items that can be recycled such as metal,
paper, and cardboard will be seperated
and taken to a local recycling center. 

By taking these measures, we are able 
to put our services and your junk
to good use by giving these items
to a family in need and conserving
our natural resources.

Homeless camps are on the rise in the
Columbus area and we donate
usable items needed to these camps
that could be used for outdoor living. 

We donate blankets, duffel bags, back
packs, coats, clothing, shoes, towels
and other such reusable items! 

What happens when a person in a
homeless camp obtains a residence of
their own?  They become part of our
Adopt A Family Program and we
donate usable items to this
person or family until we
have them on their feet!     

You, are customer, will also be doing
your part by choosing our business to do
your hauling and junk removal! 
You are the most important part
of the puzzle because without you,
we wouldn't be able to help!


1.  We do all the work for you!  We arrive
and load your debris into our large
driveway safe dumpster.   

2.  We will try to beat your other
estimates from other large, national
junk removal companies. 

3.  Estimates include all costs associated
with doing your hauling project
and includes disposal costs, labor, loaders,
loading and driving time, and yes,
of course, gas!   

4.  No 2-4 hour "windows!" 
We give you an exact time of arrival,
keeping in contact with you and keeping
you updated the day of your appointment. 
You will know exactly when to expect
us, freeing up more time for you
to utilize your day! 

5.  Easy invoicing and payment
procedures!  We can happily accept: 

Our contactless payment link is also
available!   You do not have to supply
your credit card information or
place a card on file!   

Simply pay with our secure online
link and no one sees your information
but you and the bank! 

6.  We are fully insured and
registered to operate in the State of Ohio 

 7.  We offer friendly estimates
with a smile :) 
24 Hours 7 Days per week     

8.)  We are independantly owned and
operated and also have a great team
guys and gals to jump on board
to help with super large junk
removal projects!   

9.  All jobs are performed with the company
owner on site, gauranteeing
top notch service!   

We also offer:     
1.  Interior Painting Service 
2.  Move Out Cleaning Service 
3.  Whole House Cleanouts 
4.  Carpet Removal Service 
5.  Light Demolition Service 
6.  Shed Removal Service 
7.  Yard Cleanout Service 
8.  Property Debris Removal
  9.  Small Outside Structure Removal 
10.  Garage, Driveway, Curbside Pickup
11. Junk Removal Service
12.  And MUCH MORE!! 

For quality, affordable, hauling
services above all the rest
in Columbus, Ohio
and all of the surrounding areas
you will want: 
2 Women With A Pickup
Truck And Trailer Too, LLC 
to help you with
your hauling services!

Give us a call or text today!
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