whole house clean out
whole house clean out



And The Entire Franklin County area
Pickaway County
Madison County
Delaware County
Licking County
Fairfeild County


2 Women With A Pickup Truck And
Trailer Too, LLC has been a locally owned
and operated small business providing
exceptional full service home and property
cleanout service in the Columbus Ohio and
surrounding areas, full time, for 14 plus
years, making us an excellent first choice
when looking for a qualified,
skilled home and
property cleanout specialist!

Your property and house full of no longer
wanted furniture, appliances, junk, and
trash is our livelihood and that is why we
gaurentee outstanding customer service
and work ethics from the very start of your
cleanout to the very finish!

We are committed to leaving our customers
and property managers with that "WOW"
effect upon completion of our services
and have acquired many compliments
and raving reviews from happy
customers to prove it! 
Wouldn't you like to join them? 

We know that there are a tremendous
amount of home and property cleanout
businesses that you could choose from
and we reward our customers with 110%
complete satisfaction with honest,
reliable, and courteous service when
you choose our business for your home
and property cleanout needs!


2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer,
Too can help you with all types of
property cleanouts and can clean out
homes, estates, apartments and more! 

We can handle home and property cleanouts
in any condition and of any size! 

We have a great team
of guys and gals available to jump on
board for super large home and
property cleanouts!

We can can help you with cleanouts:
1.  Whole Home  Cleanout Service
2.  Full Service Property Cleanout Service
3.  Estate Cleanout Service
4.  Bereavement Cleanout Specialist
5.  Hoarder Cleanout Service
6.  Rental And Eviction Cleanout Service
7.  Business Cleanout Service
8.  Apartment Cleanout Service
9.  Garage Cleanout Service
10.  Basement Cleanout Service
11.  Yard Clean Up And Cleanout Service

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2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer
Too, LLC can remove and haul away any and
most items left within the home or
property.  If you have a questionable
item, just ask us!

We can remove and haul away items such as:
1.  Furniture Hauling
2.  Wood Hauling
3.  Appliance hauling
4.  Trash Hauling
5.  Junk Removal And Hauling
6.  Brush, Branches, Yard Clippings Hauled
7.  Construction Waste Hauling
8.  Demolition Debris Hauled
9.  Household Items Hauled
10.  Mattresses Hauled
11.   E-Waste Hauled
12. AND MUCH MORE.... 
most any and all items Here


2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer
Too, LLC want to make your estimate process
easy!  You may obtain an estimate in one of
following four ways! 

1.  Take photos of  all of your junk to be
removed and text them to us!  Be sure to
obtain photos of  all of the areas and the
contents to be removed to receive an
accurate estimate. 

2.  EMAIL:  Take pictures of all your junk to be
  removed and email them to us!  Please note
that is faster to text them to us. 

3.  Virtual Estimate
Let's walk through the property virtually
Zoom, Google Duo,  Skpe, or Facetime   

4.  ON-Site Estimate:  We will meet you at the
property needing to be serviced and do
an eyes on walk through to give you
a firm estimate.

Whichever method you choose, we will
always try to give an accurate estimate. 
Upon arrival to your property, we will
reveiw our estimate, the work involved, 
and confirm that the estimate is
accurate for the job.

Please send by text or email using our direct 
number or email address which are:
Phone: (614)327-5462
or by Email: 

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2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too,
LLC will do all that we can to make sure your
home and property cleanout is completed
quickly, but most importantly efficiently,
leaving no crumb behind! 

We will sort and remove all 0f the items
left within the property,  being sure to leave
no junk behind.  We will be sure to remove
everything that is supposed to be removed,
exposing every nook and cranny! 

We will leave your property neat
and broom swept 

While being aware that time is usually of
the essence when completing your home
cleanout project,  we sort and process your
junk and trash as we work. 

We recycle all recyclables, we  donate 
reusable items, re-purpose any items or
material still useful, and properly dispose
of any items deemed trash responsibly
in the city landfill.
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2 Women With A Pickup Truck And
Trailer Too, LLC strongly believes in doing
our part as an eco freindly business! 

All of our home and property cleanouts
are swiftly sorted and loaded,
quickly and efficiently! 

We seperate any items that we may find
within the home that could be recycled,
donated,or re-purposed. 

Re-usable construction, demo, household
hardware, and fixtures that you have
requested to be removed can also
be re-purposed! 

Once loved furniture items, appliances,
household junk can all can be re-purposed
or donated if it is still in reasonably
good condition. 

We may donate your items to a charity
near the property location, or we may
choose to donate usable items through
our very own Adopt A Family Program
where we can put no longer needed and
left behind junk and furniture directly
into the hands of a needy person or
family who could use them! 
There is absolutely no charge to that family!

By taking these measures, we are able 
to  put our services and your cleanout
items to good use by giving these items 
to a family in need and conserving
our natural resources.

Homeless camps are on the rise in the
Columbus area and we donate
usable items needed to the families in
these camps that could be used
for outdoor living.

We donate blankets, duffel bags, back
packs, coats, clothing, shoes, towels,
and other such reusable items!

What happens when a person in a 
homeless camp obtains a residence of
their own?  They become part of our
Adopt A family Program and we
donate any usable  items to this
person or family in need until we
have them on their feet!

You, our customer, will also be doing
your part by choosing our business to
do your home and property clean out!
You are the most important part of the
puzzle because without you,
we wouldn't be able to help! 
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Experiancing the loss of a loved one
can be an extremely difficult time. 
It can take a very long time to go
through the greiving process.

Even worse is the unfortunate task of
being left with handling the loved ones
estate and all of the items they have left
behind.  We are sympathetic to estate
cleanouts that are due to the
loss of a loved one. 

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer
Too, LLC are here to help and if you are
reading this, our sincere
condolances in this difficult time... :( 

We are here to take the weight and work
load off of your shoulders and we can
help with your estate cleanout,
handling your loved ones items as
if they were our own.

There may also be some items that you or
a family member would like to keep but
the keep items may be to many or to
large to fit within your vehicle.  We are
willing to help you with this process
and are willing to load and deliver
these items to your home or even a
storage facilty.  After we remove and
deliver your keep items, we will then
procede to cleanout the estate. 

Do you have a concern that there may
be important paperwork,photos, valuable
items, or a family heirloom left within
the property that you may have missed? 

We will keep a watchful eye for anything
you may have missed or may be
looking for and put it to the side until
we can speak with you and confirm
what you would like to do
with the item. 

Do you reside out of the area or State? 
No Problem!  We are willing ship a
small amount of items to you!

We can handle bereavement estate
cleanouts of all sizes and conditions and
with having previous experiance in the
medical field ,specializing in geriatrics ,we
are quite familer with handling assisted
living facilties and nursing homes
and their procedures. 

We can also handle full home and condo
cleanouts in any condition. 

We have had quite a few customers, left with
handling a bereavement cleanout, that reside
out of the area or state.  We have put together
a simple process just for you with our easy
and secure online payment link and
forwarding to you pictures and / or videos
of your completed estate cleanout. 

We can also do a final walk through
with you in person or by using one of our
virtual links, and you do not have to be present!
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1.  Our cleanouts are performed swiftly and
efficiently while remaining affordable!

2.  We are fully insured and registered to
operate in the State of Ohio

3.  We are independantly owned and operated

4.  We can start immediately, any time of day

5.  We offer free onsite estimates and come
ready to go right to work

6.  No up front deposits or costs

7.  Pay only when the job is completed
to your total satisfaction

8.  Your final invoicing receipt is a complete
document and contains pictures of  your
project so that you may have a
complete legal record

9.  Our estimates include all costs associated
with doing the cleanout.  There are
no hidden costs.

10.  Easy payment process! 
We accept cash, check, credit, debit card!

Online payment link is also available.

11.  We are willing to consider and beat other
reasonable estimates while being prepared to
offer you the best possible cleanout service
at the most affordable  cost!

12.  All jobs are performed with the company
owner present gaureenteeing
top notch service!

We also offer:
1.  Interior Painting Service
2.  Move Out Cleaning Service 
3.  Carpet Removal Service
4.  Light Demolition Projects 
5.  Shed Removal
6.  Small Outside Structure Removal 
7.  Yard Cleanout Service 
8. Hauling Services
9.  Garage, Driveway, Curbside Pickup

For quality, dependable, affordable home
and property cleanout service above all
the rest in the Columbus Ohio and surrounding
areas you will want to use:

2 Women
With A Pickup Truck
And Trailer Too,

Give us a call or text today! 

Scroll down to enjoy a slide show
of cleanout projects we
have completed!

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