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2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC | Junk Hauling |  Columbus, Ohio

Junk Removal 
2 Women With And Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC 
Columbus, Ohio


We are glad you are here!

We would love to first THANK YOU for visiting our website and we are pleased to introduce​ to you 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC, Columbus Ohio's 1 stop shop for your trash pick up, junk removal, cleanouts, and other property needs! Please browse all of our services that we have to offer!  We also would like to express our sincere thanks for supporting our small, local, trash pick up and junk removal business!  We will make sure that you will be happy you did!  Enjoy your visit!

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC | Junk Removal, Trash Hauling, Cleanouts | Columbus, Ohio
2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC | Junk Removal, Trash Hauling, Cleanouts | Columbus, Ohio


2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC has been a locally owned and operated small business providing exceptional trash pick up and junk removal services in Columbus Ohio, full time, for 14 plus years, making us an excellent first choice when looking for a qualified, skilled trash and junk removal expert!


Your trash is our livelihood and that is why we guarantee outstanding customer service from the very beginning of the job until completion


💯 We are committed to leaving our customers with that "WOW" effect upon completion of our services and have acquired many compliments and raving reviews on Google, The Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Facebook, establishing and maintaining a 5 Star rating!


We are also Google guaranteed which means our credentials and background have been verified by Google!



This website, while not perfect, was created by our own company, it was not slapped together by a marketing agency!  We want to speak to you using our own words, pictures, and videos.  This site was created by actual junk removal field workers!  We hope you enjoy it!


Getting Started Is Easy!



Give us a call and tell us what you are needing help with!  We are available to chat with you anytime!



You may contact us by email to discuss your junk removal needs!

Attach your pictures so that we may better help you!

Please note that using this method of contact will have a longer response time.



We are always on the go!  Choosing to text us allows for us to multitask and allows us to promptly help you with your junk removal needs anytime, day or night!  Attach your photos so we may better assist you!

Junk Removal

Same day service

Donation program

No junk pick up to small or to large!


Junk removal - 2 Women with A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC - Columbus, Ohio

Property Cleanout

We have multiple trucks with trailers, box trucks, and several team members

ready to clean out entire homes!

We have our own donation program helping those in need of usable items1

FLAT BULK RATES, not by truckload!

Property Cleanout - 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC - Columbus, Ohio

Trash Hauling

No trash haul is to large or to small!  We haul it all!

Trash Hauling - 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC - Columbus, Ohio

Interior Painting

Make your property look new again with a fresh coat of paint!

Interior Painting - 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC - Columbus, Ohio



We recycle old appliances and we can haul yours away from garage or driveway at around $75.00!

Moving appliances out of home can also be provided.

Appliance removal - 2 Women with a Pickup Truck And trailer Too LLC - Columbus, Ohio

 Move Out


Move out and leave the dirty work to us while you settle in to your new place!

Move out cleaning - 2 Women with A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC - Columbus, Ohio

Furniture Removal

Out with the old and bring in the new!  We can help you with your furniture removal.

Furniture removal - 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC - Columbus Ohio



We can remove carpet, take down cabinets, completely demo a bathroom or kitchen, shed tear down and more!

Demolition - 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And trailer Too LLC - Columbus, Ohio

Our Services



1.)  Hauling

2.)  Trash Pick Up

3.)  Junk removal

4.)  Light demolition

5.)  Small structures, playground, and shed removal

6.)  Property Cleanout services

7.)  Whole home cleanout

8.)  Furniture Removal

9.)  Appliance removal

10.)  Hoarder cleanout

11.)  Eviction cleanout

12.)  Bereavement cleanout

13.)  Any condition cleanout, the good, the bad, or the downright nasty! 😫

14.)   Move out cleaning on vacant properties

15.)   Lot clean up

16.)  City violation cleanup 

17.)  Delivery and transport   


Just to name a few!


Popular Items We Take



1.)  All furniture types

2.)  All appliance types

3.)  Construction and remodeling debris

4.)  Electronic waste

5.)  Household junk hauling both large and small items

6.)  Donatable items

7.)  Yard waste

9.)  Garbage and rubbish

10.)  Cardboard

11.) Scattered debris removal 


 Have a question on an item? Just ask us! 

Donation, Recycling & Repurposing

All of our junk loads are first removed from the property quickly 💨and efficiently. After leaving with your junk, each load is then processed to determine if any of your items can be re-purposed, donated, or recycled.


We may choose to donate items to one of the local charities, or we may donate your usable items through our very own Adopt-A-Family program where we put donatable items directly into the hands of a person who needs them. We also donate to local homeless shelters, and local homeless camps depending on the items we obtain. 


Re-usable household fixtures and construction materials can also be re-purposed or donated!



Additional Benefits

🔴 Quotes 24 hours, 7 days weekly

🔴 Garage & driveway discounted cost

🔴 Carry out of home available

🔴 Contactless payments

🔴 Contactless driveway, curbside,

      alley pick up!  You do not even

      have to be home!

🔴 We recycle and donate

🔴 Legally registered to operate 

🔴 We are fully insured

🔴 Cash, check, credit card, Zelle, 

      Venmo, Cash App all accepted!

🔴 We are 100% locally

      owned and operated 

🔴 Highest level of service

      at an affordable cost!

🔴 Same day service possible

🔴 Advance appointments scheduled

🔴 No '2-4' hour windows! 

      Exact appointment time


🔴 We do all of the loading for you!

🔴 Morning, afternoon, evening,

      weekend appointments!


🔴 Easy quoting!  


🔴 Our crew can handle all size hauls!





2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC considers several

factors when providing your instant quote as our job requires a lot more 

work then just throwing the items into the back of a truck.  Our work is

not finished until all items have either been taken for donation or properly disposed of at a landfill.  When creating a quote the entire job needs to

be factored from beginning to end.  We consider and INCLUDE all of the following when working up your quote: 



1.) Driving distance  


2.)  Time


3.) Labor loading your items 


4.) How many loaders needed


5.) The cost to dispose of items

We pay per volume and

weight to dispose 


6.)  And yes, we cannot forget gas

and a legal obligation to

pay our taxes!



2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC is an independently

owned and operated business, so we are able to offer you a much lower

cost then the large national franchise junk removal companies! 



We do not have franchising fees or any other large overhead costs, thus giving our company the ability to give you a more affordable hauling and

junk removal cost!             


Get Your Lowest Cost

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC believes in giving you the best possible cost​ for your trash pick up and junk removal needs!  We offer you a discounted cost if your items are in the garage, driveway, alleyway, curbside, parking lot, or anywhere that we are able to pull up to them and load.


By having your items outside where we can pull up to them to load, we can offer you a much better cost as your removal will be less labor intensive and will require less time out of the workday!


We understand that not everyone prefers garage, driveway, curbside, or alleyway pick up, and that there are some who are just not able to do so!  No worries!  We are still here to help you and can still provide your junk removal at a slightly higher cost to cover the additional time and labor! 


We Consider Other Estimates

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC will try to beat any other estimates from legally established junk removal companies! 


Remember, while cost is always important, please remember to check reviews and make it a priority to choose a reliable, legally licensed and insured company to give you quality service at your home or establishment! 


 Cheaper is not always better!



Simply screen shot and text to us their estimate for consideration!  


Onsite Estimates

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC and crew are available for large junk removal and trash hauling jobs!  We understand that some jobs are to large to quote by phone or text.  Whole home, property and estate cleanouts are a great example of onsite estimating!  In order to create an estimate specifically to your junk hauling needs, it is helpful to get eyes on it so that we can determine what, if anything, can be donated or recycled, and how much of the items would be deemed trash.  Give us a text or call to discuss your large junk hauling job!     


Health And Safety

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC are in compliance with COVID-19 precautions!   We are voluntarily vaccinated and boosted for Covid-19.  We also are vaccinated against flu strains!


We consistently wear our face masks and gloves where needed, practice frequent hand washing, and keep our trucks clean and bleach wiped after any stop.


By taking advantage of our " pull up to it to load "  discounted junk hauling service, you will also help with controlling the spread of contagious viruses, saving all of us involved sick time from work!





2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC | Junk Removal, Trash Hauling, Cleanouts | Columbus, Ohio

On Time

We pride ourselves on arriving at your specified appointment time!  No more 2–4-hour windows! We offer exact appointment times, so you know exactly when to expect us! We keep you updated and text when we are headed in your direction! 

20 Foot trailer filled with trash, junk, furniture and appliances from a junk removal home cleanout job


Fast & Easy

We offer same day pickup!  Schedule your appointment in advance to secure your spot!  You do not have to be home for our virtual pick up!

trash and junk removal items loaded in a dumpster for debris removal from a residence



Our hauling and junk removal company is a small, independently owned and operated business so we have lower overhead and no franchise fee's giving you a lower cost!  

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC | Junk Removal, Trash Hauling, Cleanouts | Columbus, Ohio



2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC is a legal, registered business in the State Of Ohio.  We are fully insured!  

12 Foot dump trailer dumping trash from cleanouts, junk removal and trash clean up

Our Daily Dumper

Meet 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC's daily driving dumper!  Unless you have ordered a larger trailer, we will most likely arrive with this trailer!  It is 12 foot in length, 5 1/2 foot wide, and loads 5 to 6 feet in height of loading space!  We load this daily dumper by hand and can empty with just the push of a button!  This trailer is easy when needing to maneuver in tight places!  We know how to load and can really pack it in!

When you text to us pictures of your items needing removed and hauled away, we can get a really good idea of how much loading space we will need for your items in our trailer.


Our truck and trailer combos make loading your items and separating your donatable and recyclables easy!  We are able to place your recyclable and donatable items in the truck bed freeing up the dump trailer for trash.  While most of your commercial junk removal companies claim to donate, their dump truck set up makes donation separating hard.  Having it all in the back of a dump truck, they simply pull into the dumping area and dump, not even getting out of their trucks to pull donations.  By using our junk hauling services you will know for sure that your donatable and recyclables are not just going to be dumped!   

18 Foot trailer for hauling away furniture, appliances, trash, junk

18 Foot Super Loader

Meet 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC's 18 foot super loader for your super large purge and junk removal needs!  This trailer is 18 feet in length, loads about 5/6 feet in height and is 5 1/2 feet wide.  This trailer is loaded by hand and unloaded by hand, making it simple to keep your donatable and recyclables on board after disposing of your garbage.  This trailer can be requested for those who have a larger junk hauling need.  


This trailer is a great addition for our whole home and estate cleanout services!


If you have a large hauling service need, simply request our 18-foot super loader!

Our Team

Junk removal team unloading furniture trash and junk at the landfill

Our Lookbook

Mattress removal
Basement cleanout
Appliance removal and recycling
Bulk Trash Pickup
Pallet removal
Yard waste removal
Dump trailer for trash hauling and junk removal jobs
Text us 24 hours daily
Cleaning services
Interior painting
Storage facility cleanout
Donation pickup
large furniture items for a junk removal job
Crew member unloading large furniture item
Junk Removal
Floor demolition
20 Foot junk removal trailer
Construction debris removal





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Better Business



Our Happy Customers

Perfect experience! Great communication, very fair and transparent pricing, and got everything done quickly and efficiently. They put a lot of effort into donating still usable items, which was the main reason I chose them to begin with, and one of the many reasons I'll be recommending them in the future. Keep up the good work!


For non-emergency inquiries you may reach out via this form to request us to contact you at a better time!

For fastest response call or text us directly at:


Thank you! 
We look forward to speaking with you!

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Locations We Serve

🔴Columbus, OH, USA                🔴Hilliard, OH, USA                              🔴 Grove City, OH, USA    

🔴 Obetz, OH, USA      

🔴 Pickerington, OH, USA         

🔴 Canal Winchester, OH, USA      

🔴 Reynoldsburg, OH, USA

🔴 Whitehall, OH, USA                   

🔴 Bexley, OH, USA                   

🔴 Gahanna, OH, USA

🔴 New Albany, OH, USA               

🔴 Westerville, OH, USA   

🔴 Dublin, OH, USA                  

🔴 Worthington, OH, USA                     🔴 Grandview, OH, USA

🔴 German Village, OH, USA           

🔴 Grandview Heights, OH, USA

🔴 Galloway, OH, USA    

🔴 Pataskala, OH, USA                       

🔴 Clintonville, OH, USA          

🔴 Delaware, OH, USA

🔴 Powell, OH, USA                           

🔴 Lewis Center, OH, USA        

🔴 Blacklick, OH, USA

🔴 Johnstown, OH, USA                      

🔴 Plain City, OH, USA   

🔴 Upper Arlington, OH, USA   

Junk removal, trash hauling, cleanouts in Columbus, Ohio
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