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Have you been cleaning and have ended your project with a big pile of junk and just need it gone?


  • Trash and junk removal
  • Construction debris removal and haul away
  • Furniture haul away and disposal
  • Basement, attic, storage, shed, garage cleanouts
  • Apartments and whole house cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • We service homes, business, rentals, evictions, foreclosure
  • Empty property painting and deep cleaning services possible

Tired of looking and calling several ads and reading all the ribbons and fluff? Have you been cleaning and ended your project with a big pile of junk and you just want it gone? Have you made some calls and haven’t gotten an estimate yet because everyone wants to come look at it first? Do you then feel pressured to go with whatever the price because you have someone standing there, ready to load, and you just pay their high price just to get it gone? Simply text me your pictures or small video clips for possible over the phone pricing!

Having years invested of experience in the hauling industry,  it really is quite easy to study and look at a couple of pictures, and if necessary, ask a few questions to determine your load size needs!  Not sure how to go about sending us pictures?  No problem!  We have flat rate prices depending on which loading option you need, thus giving you a flat, firm rate right over the phone!  Its that simple!

I have several loading options depending on your small, medium, and super load size needs and can arrange a fair, affordable price right over the phone!

  • Standard pickup truck load: Steel bed of pickup truck 2 feet high, 8 feet long
  • Super pickup load: 4 feet high, 8 feet long
  • Trailer only load: 6 feet wide, 16 feet long with ramp
  • Super loader truck and trailer combo: 24 feet of loading space
  • Whole house and apartment cleanouts are estimated at a flat rate and not at a per load rate, free at property estimates available

A few additional benefits of choosing our company for your hauling and trash out needs are as follows!

  • Call 24 hours / 7 days a week for assistance
  • Morning, afternoon, evening scheduling available
  • Same day service possible if our schedule allows
  • Your junk is disposed of properly at the city landfill, not the local alley ways
  • We serve Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas in Franklin County
  • We recycle recyclable materials
  • Your junk is sorted for possible donation of useable items
  • Our pictures posted are of our actual equipment we will be using so you may see what will be pulling up in your driveway and you may determine your load size needs
  • You may visit our website for more information and reviews about our company
  • Visit our website and select our facebook link to view jobs we have done, so no surprises there!
  • We have additional people to bring on board and can bring a crew if needed for large jobs
  • We try to give you a hassle free estimate over the phone using your pictures or videos!

Feel free to text your pictures and or short videos, and your inquiries to (614)327-5462 or simply call    (614)327-5462 to schedule. Visit our website!


947 E. Johnstown Rd. Unit 215   Columbus, Ohio 43230        (614)327-5462       Serving All Columbus & Surrounding Areas!!!

junk removal columbus ohio


2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too and our crew provides TRASH HAULING | JUNK REMOVAL | Interior Painting  |  Property CLEANING | LAWN CARE  |  TRANSPORT & DELIVERY SERVICES  | MOVING ASSISTANCE | Debris Removal | Junk Hauler | Trash Haul Away | Trash Removal |  Columbus Ohio | ODD JOBS CONSIDERED & MUCH MORE!!

Cleaning:  Light and heavy deep clean for homes, apartments, business, rentals, garage, shed, basements, yards, storage, & more!!  We furnish the supplies!

Available RAIN, SNOW, SLEET, OR SHINE!!                                  HOURLY OR FULL DAY RATES CAN BE ARRANGED!

All odd jobs can be considered!  No up front fees, pay only when the job is complete to your satisfaction.  Identification, address verification and references can be provided if needed for your added comfort.  We are available anytime for your project needs.  We offer Affordable, competitive prices and we try to beat your other estimates while keeping in mind expenses and time invested..  We are hard working, strong, honest, drug and alcohol free, church going folks who will get the job done with an extra eye for detail, no gimmics and no games.  We are independently FAMILY owned and operated.  We serve Columbus and surrounding areas.   Side jobs with other contractors are also welcome to help you catch up!  Call or text  (614) 327-5462  Anytime to discuss your trash hauling & junk removal, paint contracting, or cleaning needs!  We can't wait to make a difference in your day!


We offer almost 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service and support and you can get an idea of how much the job may cost you right over the phone!  No need to have a sales person show up at your home!  Get your free no obligation quote by phone, text, or email, and help us know your needs by sending over a snap shot or video of the task at hand!

All items hauled away are then sorted for possible donation to a non-profit charity, recycled, or properly disposed of at the city landfill.                                                       

Trash Hauling, Property Cleaning, Interior Painting Columbus Ohio
Trash Hauling, Property Cleaning, Interior Painting Columbus Ohio
hauling columbus ohio
hauling columbus ohio
trash hauling columbus ohio
junk removal columbus ohio

(614) 327-5462