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Columbus, Ohio

Property Cleanouts _ 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC _ Columbus, Ohio


If you are looking for a reliable and responsible cleanout service then you should look no further! 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC can bring in our team that specializes in clearing out entire homes of trash, furniture, and debris. No matter the circumstance, we can handle it all.  


 We understand that every cleanout project is different.  That's why we strive to offer affordable pricing tailored to your specific needs.

We are able to travel to out of the Columbus area to help with your property cleanout.

With multiple trucks with trailers attached, we are ready to tackle any cleanout, large or small!

We can clean out properties of any circumstance!  We can clear out any contents regardless of the property conditions.

Let us show you our girl power in action! Schedule an

on-site estimate and let us help you today!


What Is a
property Cleanout?

A property cleanout is the process of removing all of contents of a home, townhome, condominium, apartment and businesses. This would include clearing out all of the loose contents such as dishes, decorations, random household necessities and of course junk.  It would also consist of removing all furniture and possibly the appliances. The cleanout would also entail that all areas within the property are emptied, including the kitchen cabinets, closets in the bedrooms, hallway and bathroom linen cabinets. The living quarters such as the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, attic, crawl spaces, basement and bathrooms would also need to be cleared. Additionally, there are other areas on the property in which belongings would need to be removed such as the garage, shed, patio as well and throughout the yard.


Clearing out a property full of contents is challenging and time consuming task.  All of the loose contents must be sorted to determine which items are of importance, what could be donated, and what needs to be trashed. These items would need to be bagged, packed into boxes and transported to various locations. There will be furniture and other bulk items that will also need to be moved.

The desired result of a property cleanout would be to restore it to its original vacant condition and to prepare for a new occupant.


If you're facing the task of a property cleanout, it's crucial to have the right expertise to ensure that the process is completed efficiently and effectively. It can be especially challenging if you do not have the experience or knowledge to tackle it on your own. That is where our team of professionals at 2 Women With A Pick Up Truck And Trailer Too LLC can jump in and help! We have the expertise and knowledge to make the process easy, fast and stress-free for you. We understand that every property cleanout is unique, and we will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your specific needs and budget. With our help, you can rest assured that your property cleanout will be completed with the utmost care and attention to time restraints and detail!

 Why We Should Be First Choice 

Removing a whole home full of content can be a daunting task, especially when you have no prior notice. It can be overwhelming to walk into a home and find it in complete disarray. But don't worry, we are here to help you and have years of experience with professional content removal services. 


Our team has experience with property cleanouts of many different circumstances. We are not the faint of heart and can tackle your property cleanout regardless of the condition.  We are ready to cleanout the good, the bad, or the downright stinky!

There are many reasons why you may be considering to hire a cleanout company to assist you. You may be in the process of moving out of your residence and simply ran out of time or stamina to finish, but you are left with furniture and household items you have no desire to take. We can step in and help you! Relax, get settled, and adjust in your new place!  Leave the finishing touches to us!  We can remove all the contents of the home. Simply leave everything where it is sitting.  You do not have to do anything.  We will sort, pack, and gather everything up and haul it away.  Are you worried that decent items will go directly to the city landfill?  Don't worry.  We assure you that any items that could be reused will be donated, recyclables will be recycled, and trash disposed of properly.  


Rental Properties

Are you facing the unfortunate event of having to evict a tenant?  Are you a property owner who has just found that a tenant has moved out and left you holding the bag with a property full of contents? We are the solution to your rental property cleanout needs.  We have helped property owners with debris removal on properties of disastrous conditions. We are also able to help you with other services such as removing the carpet, light demolition, interior painting and even move out cleaning.  We are here to get your rental property back in shape today!  We know time is money you are loosing, so we are prepared to most quickly and efficiently to get the work complete.

Estate Cleanout

One of the worst possible reasons you may be in need of a cleanout team would be the unfortunate loss of a loved one.  We are ladies with big hearts and understand how delicate this situation can be.  We are here to help you with cleaning out the contents of your love ones estate and are flexible with the job needs and how you would like to have the work done.  Maybe you would like to be present while we work removing the household contents.  Maybe the situation is just to heart wrenching and you want us to get to work and just let you know when everything has been cleaned out and the work is done.  We are flexible and are willing to do the work in whatever way is best and easiest for you. We do not arrive and clean out your loved ones belongings like a heard of buffalo.  We work quietly and reverently, neatly packing and sorting the belongings as if the person were still here and simply moving.  We keep a watchful eye on what we are packing up, looking for items you may have missed that may be important or something in which you may want to keep. If you are looking for help with a bereavement cleanout due to the loss of a loved one we are most certainly the team that you would want to hire for your estate cleanout.

Business Cleanout

We are able to help business owners too!  We are able to cleanout storage facilities, warehouses, office buildings, retail spaces, and any other commercial properties that you may need cleaned out!

Downsizing Cleanout

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC are also to help with cleanouts that are do to downsizing.  It is unfortunate to be in a position where you may have to downsize an elderly parent, or a family member who is disabled.  Sometimes the situation has gotten out of hand due to illness or other such circumstances making the property in a less then desired state. We are understanding of these  situations and are here to help!

Hoarding Cleanout

Our team can provide cleanout help for those in a hoarding situation.  There are many different types of hoarder cleanouts and some of these cleanouts can be quite hazardous.  You will want to hire a knowledgeable team that can provide hoarder cleanout services in a safe and sanitary manner.  2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC are specialists in the hauling, junk removal and home cleanout profession and can be that team of professionals!

What A Team!

We have a great team ready to work and have multiple trucks, trailers, and access to large box trucks to ensure your cleanout is completed in a timely fashion!   


We will do all of the work necessary to get your property cleaned out in a professional and swift manner!  We will box, bag and sort the  items we remove from the property.  All of the furniture and items we remove will be processed for donation to a local charity organization or they may be donated through our own adopt a family program where we put the items directly into the hands of a needy family at absolutely no cost to them!  Some of the items we may take away will also be separated for recycling.  All items that are no longer in reusable condition will be taken to the city landfill for proper trash disposal.  We will leave the property broom swept whenever possible leaving it debris free and ready for your next steps!

Property Cleanout Quotes

We provide a free on-site quote based on your property cleanout condition.  All cleanouts are unique in their own way so unfortunately there is not a one cost fits all way to provide an affordable, fair cost without seeing the property and contents.  We base the cost of the property cleanout based on several factors including:

1.  Volume of items we are removing

2.  Condition of the items - can they be donated or are we paying per pound or ton to dump

3.  Level of difficulty removing the items - example,  basement versus first floor

4.  Our costs to do the job which are included in our cost

5.  How many laborers needed to do the job

6.  How long it take to do the job which could mean a few hours or maybe an entire day.  In extreme conditions such as a hoarder situation or a disaster clean up, these type of cleanouts make take several days. 

Cleanout Pricing

We price match and try to beat others estimates whenever possible.  Our goal is to secure your business and we will be as accommodating and versatile as we can be in order to be the company you hire for you cleanout project.  We promise to bring our A game and superior work ethic so that you will praise our company to others! 

Remember, cheaper is not always better.  You may have a neighbor offering to help, or maybe you know someone in the neighborhood that has a pickup truck.  Having inexperienced cleanout personnel will cause unnecessary delays and complications and the possibility of your trash not being disposed of properly which could come back to you.  Our long history of providing property cleanouts makes us an expert in the field and also guaranteed a stress free experience of getting the job done right.

Our Credentials

We are registered as a legal business in the State of Ohio and are fully insured for your protection. We are a Google guaranteed business which means that we have passed a background check and had our business insurance and licensing verified.

Out Of The Area Customers

Remote jobs can also be serviced for those who do not reside in the Columbus area.  We can supply before and after videos and or pictures to you without you needing to be on the premises.  We want to make our services as easy as possible!

Additional Service Needs?
Maybe we can Help!

We have several other services that we can provide to assist you with your property readiness.  Need help with something and it is not a service on our site? Just ask us about it and see if we can help!

Call Our Experts Today

Our experts pride themselves with attention to detail and a thorough work experience for everyone! We are willing to travel to your out of the area destination!

If you are in need of getting a property cleaned out, please call or text 2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC!

See What we can do!

Here is a short video that shows the before and after on a property we cleaned out.  We also provide flooring removal in some areas, move out cleaning, and interior painting to get this house ready to be listed on the real estate market!

Getting Started Is Easy!



Give us a call and tell us what you are needing help with!  We are available to chat with you anytime!



You may contact us by email to discuss your junk removal needs!

Attach your pictures so that we may better help you!

Please note that using this method of contact will have a longer response time.



We are always on the go!  Choosing to text us allows for us to multitask and allows us to promptly help you with your junk removal needs anytime, day or night!  Attach your photos so we may better assist you!

Why Choose Us?

  • Quotes by text 24 hours daily, 7 days 

  • Driveway, garage hauls at discounted cost

  • In home junk and furniture removal 

  • Contactless payments and pickup

  • We recycle and donate

  • Our own program donating reusable items

  • Fully insured and legally registered 

  •  Many forms of payment accepted

  • We are 100% locally owned and operated

  •  Highest level of service at affordable cost

  • Same day and emergency service

  • Schedule an advance appointment

  • No "2-4-hour Windows" exact appointments

  • Morning, afternoon, evening, weekends

  • Easy quotes!  Just text us photos!

Send us a message!

Thank you for considering our services! For non-emergency inquiries, please fill out the form provided on our website and request a specific time for us to reach out to you. To better assist you, please upload photos of your items. For the fastest response, you can also call or text us at (614)327-5462. We look forward to speaking with you!

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