2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too, LLC
is an independently owned and operated small
business providing exceptional furniture removal services
at a super affordable cost, making us an excellent first
choice when looking for a qualified and
skilled furniture removal specialist!

We can remove your unwanted furniture items from
inside the home or we can pick up your 
from the curbside, driveway, or garage!

We can remove all types of furniture from your
and can take away any unwanted
furniture items including:

1.  Couch  & Sofa Set Removal
2.  Recliner Removal
3.  Bed Removal
4.  Desk Removal
5.  Dresser Removal
6.  Appliance Removal
7.  Television Removal
8.  E-waste Removal

9.  Table Removal
10.  Chair Removal
11.   Shelf Removal
12.  Mattress Removal

You name it, we can most likely take it!
We can also take other items such as: 

1.  Scrap Metal Removal 
2.  Electronics Removal

3.  Carpet Removal
4.  Construction Waste Removal
5.  Household Trash Removal
6.  Exercise Equipment Removal
7.  Ping pong Table removal
8.  Pool table removal
9.  Random junk removal
10.  Garbage removal
11.  Yard waste removal
12. Paint removal
13. Tire removal
14.  Bicycle removal

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too 
can remove all unwanted furniture items that may
be laying around in and around your home or
your place of business!

We can haul away one piece of furniture, or we can
haul away a whole house full of furniture!
We haul it all! Large and small!


Your "trash" is our livelihood and that is
why we guarantee outstanding customer
service from the vey beginning of your
furniture removal to completion!   

We are committed to leaving our
customers with that "WOW" effect
upon completion of our services
and have acquired many raving
customer reviews to prove it!   

We know that there are a tremendous
amount of furniture removal companies
that you could choose from and we reward
our customers with 110% satisfaction with
honest, reliable, and courteous service
when you choose 2 Women With A Pickup
Truck And Trailer Too, LLC for
your furniture removal!


Obtaining furniture removal services
has never been easier!

To obtain a free, no obligation estimate,
give us a call and tell us what furniture
items you need to have removed and where
they will need to be removed from,
or you can simply text or email your
pictures of your  furniture items!   

We will review your photos and
determine  the cost to remove
your furniture items and compile an
instant estimate based on
your specific needs!

Please send pictures to us directly using
our text and email address which are:
PHONE:  (614)327-5462
Or by EMAIL:
Please be advised that you will receive
a faster response by texting!


We now offer virtual estimates
and are able to provide an
in person virtual estimate using:


Simply show us your furniture items for
removal and we will create your estimate!
Text us today to schedule your estimate!


Curb, Driveway, Garage
Furniture Removal!

We know that your time is valuable
and your schedule can
be quite hetic!   

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And
Trailer Too, LLC are here to help you
and can pick up your items from
curbside, garage, or driveway giving
you a reduced cost for this
time saving option!   

You do not even need to be

home for furniture removal!

Simply place your items in the
driveway, curbside, or in a safe place 
where we can pull up to them to load!

We will load your items, forward to
you pictures of your completed removal,
along with our payment link to process
your payment for your furniture
removal service!   

Simply pay using our secure online
payment link and we are gone with
your unwanted furniture items!

We do not need your card 
information on file.  Your 
information is kept private and
will only be seen by you and the
credit card companies!

It's just that easy!  By taking 
advantage of garage, driveway, curbside pick up,
we will save on time and labor, giving you
a lower price and saving you money! 

To receive your hassel free quote 
feel free to give us a call or text today
and tell us about your furniture removal
in the Columbus, OH and surrounding area!